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Noise Canceling Earbuds – Better Listening in a Noisy World

There is no uncertainty that the surrounding can get noisy. However, noise canceling earbuds can assist alleviate this problem and enhance a much better listening experience.

Noise cancelling earbuds typically use active noise suppression to mask the effects of outside noise. These devices sample the noise around us and then create a sound wave which is the opposite of the noise it has sampled. When you listen to both of these sounds, they tend to cancel each other out which results in much less perceivable noise.

This kind of technology tends to work best in environments where the noise is relatively steady. A good example of this can be on an airplane where there tends to be a fairly constant level and frequency of noise present. The earbuds have circuitry which can analyze this noise and then create the canceling signal for it. Have you ever tried noise cancelling earbuds?

Once the noise has been minimized through this cancellation, then the music or audio you want to hear is much easier to do so. You won’t feel that you have to increase the volume of the audio you want to listen to overcome the ambient noise level. With these noise canceling earbuds, you can listen to audio very clearly at much lower volumes.

This not only creates a much more pleasant listening experience but also helps to protect your delicate hearing. This is very important as unfortunately, many more people seem to be prone to hearing loss due to extended noise levels.
Another advantage of an earbud design is that it helps to seal off outside noise through the insertion of earbuds. Active noise cancellation circuitry contributes to reducing the ambient noise, but the sound sealing properties of the earbuds help to do that as well.

Both of these features reduce the presence of ambient noise and allows for better audio response and listening experience.

One of the major issues that can cut the life of noise canceling earbuds short is wrapping the cord around your portable music player. It’s probably something we have done. We finish using the iPod or MP3 and just quickly wrap the cord around it and throw it in our purse or pocket.

Wrapping the cord around the player gets the cords tangled up and wears down the wires. The tighter the cord is wrapped up, the harder it is on the wires. Every time the cord is wrapped, it wears away at the wires inside. The best way to store your noise canceling earbuds is to buy a case for them and always keep them stored in the case when not in use.


Another way to extend the life of your earbuds is to purchase noise canceling earbuds that come equipped with a retractable cord. These work by having cords that are coiled inside a plastic case that is attached to the piece that goes into the headphone jack. To use the cord, it just pulls out to the desired cord length, and then a locking mechanism clicks to keep the length you want of cord slack out. The plastic case that holds the cord inside is small and makes keeping cords tangle free very easy.

It is also important to keep your noise canceling earbuds clean if you want to extend their life. Earwax and other substances can get into the earbud and clog it up. The buildup also decreases the sound quality. You should clean the sleeves on a regular basis using a mild antiseptic, such as hydrogen peroxide, or soapy water. Make sure always to take the sleeve off the earbud nozzle before it is cleaned. Never submerge your noise canceling earbuds in water! Just lightly dampen a lint-free cloth and wipe the earbud. Foam sleeves should be thrown away and replaced when they get dirty. It is also important to use an antiseptic to wipe down the earbud cable and housing routinely. It just takes a small amount of extra effort to keep your noise canceling earbuds functioning at their best. By taking care to protect your investment, you will extend the life of your earbuds make your listening pleasure.