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Nerdy Gifts for the Nerd

Being a nerd for fifty-five years, there are many gifts I would like. I am a devotee of the series “Star Trek” so if I could get my hands on the models of the USS Enterprise in the box still wrapped, I would love it as would any Trekkie. In writing this article, I thought about Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” and what he would like. A nerd would enjoy a telescope, microscope, a book on physics or any books about the sciences.  You can find nerd gifts here.

How about a chemistry set? If you are planning on giving your nerd child a chemistry set, please remember that he or she is still a child and will need supervision. I had one and burned my finger tips with hydrochloric acid.

Because of the influence of “Star Trek”, I always have had an interest in the stars and other planets so I was given a telescope and because my youngest son is a nerd (he has his degree in mycology) I passed it down to him. My telescope was from Radio Shack. Speaking of Radio Shack, I had the 100 in 1 electronics kit. You could make one hundred projects from lie detectors to AM radios. If there are still kits like this still available, find one. This will keep your nerd busy for hours.

Nerds tend to live in their heads, so I also suggest books like the “Globe Illustrated Shakespeare” (my favorite author), “War and Peace”, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reiche” or a good dictionary or thesaurus. For those that have an interest in the arts, how about a book about Da Vinci, Jackson Pollack, Beethoven or Mozart?

DVD’s and CD’s are a good idea too. When I was a freshman in high school, my parents gave me the Beethoven Symphony Cycle with Herbert Von Karajan conducting. It had to be the 1972 recording, not the recordings from 1963 or 1967. My mother gave me a vcr tape of the movie “Amadeus”. Unfortunately, I don’t have either of those gifts any more. If your nerd is more a rock and roll type, how about all of The Beatles albums or any rock and roll group they like. I happen to like all kinds of music.

Another idea that comes to mind is a build it yourself computer. Any nerd who starts off with an electronics kit would love to have a kit like that. He can literally build the computer from the casing to the mother board and install his own choice of operating systems whether it be Windows, Linux or Apple based. A very close friend of mine does that for fun in his off hours. In fact he is so good at it, when my computer needs maintenance, he does it for me.

I also am a foodie, so I would like to have books on cooking, a food processor, aprons or a copper pot…anything that makes the nerd cook want to cook and quite possibly follow through with this as a potential career choice. There are literally hundreds of possibilities of gifts for any nerd, including a chess set. I would really like a three dimensional chess set from “Star Trek”.


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